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9 ingenious wind turbine designs

By: Bryan Nelson on April 29, 2013, 3:29 p.m.
Windstalk bladeless turbine

Photo: Atelier DNA

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Windstalk bladeless turbine

Can there be such a thing as a turbine without blades? That's the idea behind Atelier DNA's "Windstalk" design, a bladeless turbine that looks more like a giant cattail swaying in the wind than it does a windmill. Electricity is generated each time the wind sets the windstalks a-waving. The principal advantages over traditional designs is that the Windstalk produces little noise and is bird-and-bat safe, since there are no spinning parts. It also has a strong aesthetic appeal. You can imagine yourself becoming mesmerized by a field of these turbines dancing in the breeze.

Each stalk is 180 feet high, so a group of these will make an impression. You can investigate more about these turbines at Atelier DNA, and look into more of this laboratory's other innovative designs.