Earth Hour in Bali

Photo: Sonny Tumbelaka/AFP/Getty Images

60+ minutes of dark

A man lights candles as part of an Earth Hour event on March 23 at a hotel in Bali, Indonesia.

Cities all across the globe were plunged into darkness on Saturday for Earth Hour, an annual event that asks participants to switch off lights and bust out the candles for one hour to raise awareness of climate change issues.

Observed in more than 150 countries, the event spread even further afield this year, with Palestine, Tunisia, Suriname and Rwanda among a host of newcomers.

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People holding candles during Earth Hour

Photo: Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images

People light candles while taking part in an Earth Hour event in Shanghai's financial district.
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Lighting lanterns for Earth Hour

Photo: Sonny Tumbelaka/AFP/Getty Images

A man lights and arranges lanterns at a hotel in Bali, Indonesia.
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Bulgarian fire dancers perform during Earth Hour

Photo: Nikolay Doychinov/AFP//Getty Images

Fire acrobats perform a stunning show in front of the Bulgarian National Theatre during Earth Hour in Sofia, Bulgaria.
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