The sixth annual Eilat-Eilot Green Energy Conference and Exhibition is just around the corner, and for innovators in the renewable energy field, it's the place to be. The conference, which is known for bringing together innovative ideas and business opportunities, will take place from Dec. 7-9 in Eilat, Israel.

A major draw of the conference is the chance for participants to meet with Israeli experts at incubators and research institutions in other areas of sustainability, including water, agriculture and green building. One of the most prominent incubators at the conference will be Capital Nature, the leading entity in Israel for safe, clean energy innovation.

Noam Ilan, vice president of business development at Capital Nature and the founder and co-chairman of the Eilat-Eilot Green Energy Conference, believes the next game-changing technological breakthrough could happen in conjunction with the conference.

“The conference showcases the Arava region’s unique model for solving the energy crisis while creating exceptional economic growth,” said Ilan.

“The conference is Israel’s largest international green energy conference, where all the major Israeli energy players come together to talk energy. Its purpose is to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for everything that Israel has to offer in the area of green energy innovation and business opportunities,” Ilan says.

Capital Nature will be joined by other Israeli clean energy incubators and leading universities, including Terralab Ventures and Ben-Gurion University.

“The incubators will present their portfolio companies that are developing some of the most interesting, innovative, clean energy technologies in the country,” Ilan says.

According to Ilan, the ideal outcome of the conference would be “investments and deals made between the portfolio companies and investors and clients attending the conference.”

Past conferences have created many successful partnerships. “Connections made at Eilat-Eilot Green Energy Conferences have brought about major national and international business deals, such as Siemens investment in local Arava Power,” Ilan says.

In 2009, Siemens invested $15 million in Arava Power, a company that develops, builds and operates photovoltaic plants in Israel. That investment helped Arava build Kentura Sun, Israel’s first commercial, medium-sized solar field. The solar field has a direct connection to Israel’s national grid.

Ilan also credits a past conference with Aora Energy’s success in raising capital for deploying its revolutionary commercial pilot project in the Arava region. The project is a functioning solar hybrid system that’s capable of 24/7 energy production. It works around the clock even in the dark or in heavy cloud coverage, using alternative fuels to power the system when not drawing from the sun.

What's new this year?

This year’s possible game-changing technological breakthroughs won’t be determined until the conference is over, but there will be discussions on the bidding process and project details behind Timna Solar Park, a 247-acre area in southern Israel that is ultimately expected to generate 170 megawatts of solar power. The first phase of the solar park is expected to produce 60 megawatts.

The inauguration of EE Off Grid Hub will also occur at the conference. This new technology hub focuses on the development of products and technologies that will provide energy, water and agriculture needs to areas in developing countries that aren’t connected to national water and energy grids. The hub is located on Kibbutz Ketura in southern Israel and will be jointly managed by the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative and the Arava Institute.

The conference will also include plenary sessions and panel discussions on a wide range of renewable energy topics, including:

  • Long-term energy goals, including alternatives to natural gas
  • Unique models for financing the renewable energy revolution
  • World trends and challenges with biofuels
  • Off-grid solutions for developing countries
  • Internet of things: Advancing energy-efficiency
  • Renewable energy as a solution for energy security
The Eilat-Eilot Green Energy Conference will be held from Dec. 7-9 at the Dan Eilat Hotel near the Arava region of Israel.

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Renewable energy conference brings together incubators and ideas in Israel
Israel’s largest international green energy conference takes place this weekend in Eilat.