Get this week's eco-tips from Carter Oosterhouse & Tichina Arnold. (Gerri Miller)

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Carter Oosterhouse:  Hey, my name is Carter Oosterhouse and right now we are on the set of Carter Can and you are watching the Mother Nature Network.

Carter:  If you’re doing projects at home, and you want to be a little more eco-friendly, then think about sealing up your house.  Some good ways to do it are, well, we have wood glue that’s non-toxic.  We always use adhesives that are non-toxic, as well as stain that is a water-based stain so it is more eco-friendly than most.  Sometimes you have to find those online because they are a little more difficult to find.  But also, think about sealing up your home with caulk, because right now that’s one of the best things you can do.  Go around your windows, around the trim on your doors, because a lot of air can get out.  If you want to lower those monthly bills, this is the way to do it.  That’s just a friendly tip.  I gotta get back to work, but thanks for coming by.  Appreciate it.

Tichina Arnold:  I’m Tichina Arnold and my green tip of the day is to reuse your shopping bags.  You know how you save them for garbage bags? Reuse them!  Take them back to the supermarket and use them again instead of getting new ones.

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Video: Get this week's eco-tips from Carter Oosterhouse & Tichina Arnold.