Chuck Norris and Polly Draper give their favorite eco-tip.  Pay attention, or else. (Video by Gerri Miller)

* * *


Chuck Norris:  Hi, I’m Chuck Norris and you’re watching the Mother Nature Network.

Chuck:  Hi, I’m Chuck Norris and I would advise you to click into T. Boone Pickens, because he has the answers for green in America.

Polly Draper:  I have one tip, green tip and it is to decide what you want to eat before you open your refrigerator door and you’ll save a lot of energy.  Because every time you open the refrigerator door a huge amount of energy leaves the refrigerator and it means you have to use more energy.  You’d be amazed how much energy you save.  It used to be like a habit of mine … I’d open the refrigerator and just stand there for hours deciding what I wanted, and now I think about what I want and then I open it up.  Or I just pull every single thing out and decide.

Polly:  Hi, I’m Polly Draper and you’re watching the Mother Nature Network.