Color of Change is reporting that Glenn Beck has lost over half of his advertising revenue.

It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Glenn Beck is a dangerous clown prince who leads an unruly mob of angry electoral minorities who eschew truth and reason to embrace fear, crazy conspiracy, and gun wavin'. When he called President Obama a racist on Fox and Friends, he set off the current boycott that is absolutely kneecapping his sponsorship dollars. It's not insignificant that Beck ended up going after a founder of Colors of Change, Van Jones, ultimately forcing him to resign.

In the face of a sustained boycott, Fox News will soon be forced to decide between Glenn Beck and money. That's not an easy decision for a public company, stockholders won't be keen on seeing their stock price drop so Glenn Beck can have a platform to weep from.

I don't want to imagine the fiery storm that would erupt if and when Fox News cuts Beck. He would still have his radio show but who would put him back on TV? He has a large and passionate fan base which would be really attractive to television executives, but it comes with the toxic glaze of being fired from Fox News for being too extreme. How do you sign that? What TV station is to the right of Fox News? Maybe he could work for Silvio Berlusconi in Italy? I think Glenn Beck would do well in a political and media monopoly.

If you'd like to see that situation play out, swing over to Colors of Change and send your name to all the companies who bailed on Beck telling them to keep their advertising dollars away.

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Advertisers fleeing Glenn Beck
Fox News' Glenn Beck has lost over 50% of his advertising revenue due to a boycott started after he called President Obama a racist.