Former President Bill Clinton isn’t just making surprise appearances with President Barack Obama about tax compromises; he's also out there talking about climate change.

Clinton was recently on stage at the’s Dreamforce Conference, where he spoke about many topics. Mary Vincent of Clean Tech and Green Business News wrote about Clinton’s speech on her daily blog and specifically mentioned what Clinton said about our warming planet.

One of the things I found interesting is how Clinton is able to look beyond the American perspective on climate change and remain positive. While he was clearly disappointed by the number of climate change skeptics voted into office in November, Clinton found a sliver lining because America is largely alone in this viewpoint.

“As far as I know, in the last election, we elected an enormous number of people who don't believe in climate change. They just say that in spite of the evidence, it's just not a problem. But thankfully, we appear to be the only country on Earth willing to give a congressional majority to people who deny it, so most people still think it's a problem,” said Clinton.
It’s good to hear a positive perspective on this whole situation. Clinton also went on to talk about how many of the countries that stand to be adversely affected by a warming planet are the world’s poorest, namely Afghanistan and Haiti. To see the entire speech, which also includes some great nuggets about WikiLeaks and an introduction by the super rad Stevie Wonder, check out the video below, or even better, check out Mary Vincent’s blog on the speech.
Bill Clinton finds silver lining in America's climate change denial
The former president isn't too proud of the climate change deniers elected to Congress, but he finds solace in the fact we are alone on this one.