Members of the House Democratic Caucus voted on Thursday to unanimously oppose a deal struck between President Obama and leaders of the Republican party.

Shortly after the meeting, Politico quoted Texas Rep. Lloyd Doggett saying, “If it’s take it or leave it, we’ll leave it.”

The action is mostly symbolic and non-binding. The $900 billion agreement is not expected to have any trouble in the Senate, and should eventually clear the House. But, despite what dominates the headlines, the tax bill isn’t all about taxes. The Hill first reported earlier in the week that the tax agreement excludes extending the Treasury Department’s clean energy grant program.

Another Hill blog post says the clean energy exclusion may be a way to get Democrats to make additions to the tax bill and feel more comfortable with supporting it.

So there’s something to make you feel better about the way things are going if you’re a Democrat in Washington: The inclusion of something you already thought was a given, into a tax bill you flatly opposed. What a deal!

Bush tax cuts may compromise energy grants
Let's make a deal about tax cuts and energy grants on Capitol HIll.