There is a scandal brewing in California that combines politics, sex and the energy lobby. Family values Republican Michael Duvall, a married Orange County state representative, was caught on tape during a state senate hearing discussing, in very graphic terms, affairs he was having with two different women. Mr. Duvall was unaware that the microphone in front of him was turned on. The audio was picked up on the in-house TV station and then sent on to a local news station.

One of the women Mr. Duvall was/is cheating on his wife with is Heidi DeJong Barsuglia, a lobbyist for energy company Sempra Energy.

Mr. Duvall was vice chair of the Committee on Utilities and Commerce. He's also nearly 20 years older than Ms. Barsuglia, who is reportedly both quite fetching and also married. Why would a young, attractive energy lobbyist sleep with an out-of-shape, married, old representative sitting on an committee overseeing energy interests?

I will also note that he is a staunch opponent of gay marriage, because, you know, it'll destroy traditional marriage. He also tried to tweak the First Amendment by banning the pairing of the names of dead soldiers with anti-war messages on T-shirts.

A real stand-up guy, in other words. Mr. Duvall did the sensible thing today and resigned.

TPMMuckraker has all the juicy, embarrassing details, swing over and give a read.

Here's the news report that ran on local KCAL:

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Busted! California rep caught cheating with energy lobbyist
A Republican state representative was caught on microphone boasting about his affair with an energy lobbyist 19 years his junior.