California doctor Christopher Thompson was sentenced to five years in prison after being convicted of assault with a deadly weapon and other charges for seriously injuring two bicyclists, Josh Crosby and Patrick Watson, seen in the photo above outside court, in 2008 by slamming on the brakes of his car after pulling in front of them. One of the cyclists smashed his face into Dr. Thompson's back windshield and the other seriously injured himself after bouncing off the car and onto the road. The good doctor told a police officer who arrived on the scene that he was trying to "teach them a lesson".

The LA Times blog reports that this isn't the first time Thompson has tangled with riders; four months before the crash that injured the two cyclists, two other riders accused Thompson of trying to run them off the road and braking in front of them. No charges were filed because neither rider was injured.

I hope Dr. Thompson takes the next five years to enjoy everything that the California penal system has to offer and to reflect upon how he might come out of jail a less douchier human being.

We need stronger laws protecting bicycle riders in this country. I'm thrilled Dr. Thompson will be spending half a decade in jail for his crime, but for every one of him there are three of these.

Via LA Times Blog



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California doctor gets five years in prison for assaulting bicyclists
Dr. Christopher Thompson will spend the next half decade in prison after being convicted of being a terrible human being.