Carl Paladino, the New York gubernatorial Republican nominee, recently mailed voters a garbage-scented flier smearing Democratic politicians. About 200,000 flyers went out to New Yorkers with the headline "Something STINKS in Albany", each was scented to smell like a landfill. Paladino spokesman Michael Caputo told the Associated Press that the smell will get worse the longer the flyers sit.

Paladino is a favorite of the Tea Party and holds some pretty extreme views (though he's no witch): he wants to warehouse welfare recipients in prisons to teach them basic job skills and "personal hygiene" and was caught a few years ago sending racist and pornographic e-mails (bestiality at that!).

I think it's perfectly fitting that Paladino sent out a flyer that smells like garbage, no matter its focus. The guy is way out on the right fringe of the political spectrum, and I hope the good voters of New York send him packing, along with his tea bags, in November.

Via Forbes

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Carl Paladino mails out landfill-scented political fliers
New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino mailed out 200,000 fliers that small like garbage to voters.