In two political ads released by Herman Cain last month, a little girl seemed to kill a goldfish and a rabbit — part of a metaphor for America's economic policies, according to the former presidential candidate. That led some animal-rights groups to criticize Cain, which in turn led Cain to defend himself by noting that "in some parts of this country, it is legal to hunt rabbits for dinner."


Well, just in case anyone still doubts his love of animals, Cain has flipped the script for his latest ad. Rather than having the little girl kill an animal, this video features her standing by indifferently while a bunch of chickens kill a farmer. There's still a metaphor in there — something about taxes — and there's even more gore, with blood visible on the farmer and the chickens shown nibbling on his bones near the end.


The girl also repeats her closing line(s) from the previous videos, twice asking "Any questions?" while looking into the camera. In a new twist, though, the farmer's hen-pecked skeleton raises its hand — only to be ignored by the girl, who was apparently just speaking to us. Check out the full video below:



If, like the farmer's skeleton, you do have questions, Cain's political action committee offers this explanation on YouTube:


"The farmer is fine, but the average American taxpayer isn't! Big Government is growing and shows no signs of stopping even as it is incressingly [sic] hurting the American taxpayer who is funding it. We the People must stand together against the expansion of power of the Federal Government, and the best way to hault [sic] this is by throwing out the current tax code and replacing it with a fairer, broader system, that is transparent and treats everyone the same."

See? The message is clearly about equality. Whether you're catapulting a rabbit to its death or being mauled by chickens, nobody likes paying taxes.


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Russell McLendon ( @russmclendon ) writes about humans and other wildlife.

Chickens eat farmer in new Herman Cain ad
Hot on the heels of his bizarre rabbit and goldfish videos, Cain is back in the spotlight with a new ad about death, taxes and chickens.