While environmental issues tend to get overlooked in many political races around the nation, that is far from the case in Colorado.

Several conservation, outdoors, and environmental groups teamed up to compile a questionnaire for all three of Colorado’s gubernatorial candidates. Only two of the three candidates, Democratic candidate John Hickenlooper, and Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo had their responses published. Republican candidate Dan Maes reportedly did not answer the questions in time for the results to be published.

Here’s the wrap-up, starting alphabetically with John Hickenlooper.

The current mayor of Denver and Democratic candidate focused a lot on the promotion side of issues. On tourism, Hickenlooper is pushing a campaign for Colorado called “Where the World Comes to Play.” Hickenlooper wants to promote Colorado as a cycling destination by bringing a “Tour de Colorado” to the sate. He also says he can encourage conservation by building partnerships with sports organizations.

As for energy itself, Hickenlooper is a strong supporter of investing in smart grids. The mayor also says he wants to bolster the state’s farming and ranching industry by encouraging the public to buy locally.

Tancredo, for his part, offered several ideas. The former congressman and presidential candidate said he supports the “Freedom to Roam Act,” to promote sensible transportation expansions in the state. Tancredo wants to create a hunting and angling task force to help promote both activities as tourism issues. He also wants to promote the sate as an “energy innovator.”

He took a few shots at the federal government by calling their control over the many lands in the state “under funded and poorly managed.” Tancredo says incentivizing the business community to purchase land for conservation purposes is “critical,” and he also says he wants to remove “impediments,” that keep companies out of the state.

While Hickenlooper is believed to hold a substantial advantage going into the November 2nd election, Colorado voters are known for their independence. The most recent polls show Hickenlooper’s numbers are holding steady at around 47% of voters. Tancredo is well in front of Maes with 33 percent of voters favoring him for governor to just 13% who support Maes. If Tancredo can continue to siphon support away from Maes and some of the 7% of those who are believed to be undecided, than Hickenlooper will be facing a tougher challenge than anticipated. 

Colorado gov. candidates talk environment
The candidates focus on the environment thanks to a quiz from several groups.