As a general rule of thumb, I try very hard to ignore the comings and goings of Donald Trump. I'm fairly certain that the real estate mogul and I have little in common and would probably not see eye-to-eye on many issues — particularly when it comes to politics.


So when "The Donald" claimed that he would make a "big announcement" today that could possibly change the course of the election, I wasn't expecting much. But I have to admit, I was expecting more than what it was — a pathetic attempt to bribe a standing president and draw voters' attention away from real issues that they should be thinking about for the upcoming election.


In the big announcement, which was released in the form of a YouTube video (see below), Trump offers a "deal" to Obama: release your college transcripts and passport records and Trump will give $5 million to a charity of the president's choosing.


Is this some kind of joke? Some pathetic attempt by Trump to remain relevant and seek attention? What could he possibly have to gain by offering what is essentially pocket change in exchange for documents that no one even cares about? Is he going to "shock" the world by announcing that the president actually got a "C" in biology class?  


I've seen lots of attempts at shameless publicity, but this one seriously takes the cake.  


Donald Trump: For wasting everyone's time and turning your "big announcement" into nothing but a big bore ... you're fired.



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Donald Trump's (boring) big announcement
Donald Trump falls flat in his "big" announcement, which is nothing more than an attempt to bribe President Barack Obama.