For Democrats and other left-leaning folks, Wednesday began as most predicted: cloudy.  

For those looking for bright spots, look to California. But beware — because even over there it is, at best, a partly cloudy sky. 

California held strong for the left. Barbara Boxer lives on. Jerry Brown is back from the dead, again. And at first glance, California’s emissions reductions targets will remain in place, but that too is not without consequence.

Proposition 23 failed, meaning California’s emissions reduction standards will not be suspended, but the passage of Proposition 26 could undercut the entire system. Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Prop. 26’s passage could “stifle” the state’s current environmental policy by tangling the issue up in the California legislature.

So even the slightest glimmer of light remains dim. On one hand, by holding off a barrage of outside influence aimed at passing Proposition 23, the struggling environmental movement can claim a victory — and it’s not a small one. But the under-the-radar defeat of Prop. 26 could prove devastating.

But all this news makes the consolation prize of Brown and Boxer seem sweeter. Right?

For those wondering, marijuana is still illegal in California. Proposition 19 failed, so it will continue to be impossible to get high in California (at least non-medicinally).

Like I said, the glimmer of light for enviros is slim after Election Day. So just focus on the few positives and pay no attention to West Virginia or Kentucky until you feel better. 

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