Some march. Some write checks. Others go on Facebook.

The Tea Partiers are now a year into their march from rally to rally and are putting candidates on ballots and ballots.

But the Tea Party, as most have heard by now, is no armchair operation. It’s organized, efficient and, of course, well-funded. Enter the Koch brothers, whom The New Yorker recently pointed out are providing plenty of funding to the Tea Party.

And while the Koch brothers are writing checks, opposition to them has sprung up on Facebook. It’s not exactly dressing up in tri-fold hats and cloaking yourself in firearms, but the group, “Boycott and Defeat Koch Industries,” is chugging along at about 600 members just two weeks after it was founded.

According to the group’s webpage, its purpose is to raise awareness and to “educate people about Koch Industries and their political/climate crimes over the years.” The group posts a list of products made by Koch Industries, and calls for a boycott. (In their own words: Koch Industries responds)

What is interesting, and perhaps demoralizing for greenies, is the thought of the magnitude of boycott that would have to occur to persuade the Koch brothers to pull back from their political involvement. Since the New Yorker piece, a Koch Industries subsidiary, Flint Hills Resources, has contributed $1 million to a campaign to suspend California’s renewable energy standards. Flint Hills Resources, a chemical refining company, is one of several chemical and oil refining companies that fall under the Koch Industries umbrella. It’s a nice umbrella; probably a gold one.

Facebook group forms to counter Tea Party's anti-environmental stance
It will take a very large movement to counter the pro-pollution money of Koch Industries.