Here are some of the good, smart, hardworking 'mericans who called for more offshore oil drilling in months and election cycles past.

Sarah Palin, who actually slept next to a BP worker (Todd Palin) every night for 18 years, yet who argued that it was President Obama who got into bed with BP.

John McCain, who changed his position on everything so many times he wasn't able to even remember if he was a "maverick" or not.

Michael Steele, the political genius who came up with "Drill Baby Drill". Also, the guy who said he had an "off the hook" plan to give the Republican Party a hip-hop makeover to they'd be more relevent with the urban and suburban communities and with "one-armed midgets". Seriously.

Rudi Giuliani, who married his cousin and is still unable, to this day, to speak more than one minute and three seconds without saying "9/11".

Senate Republican candidate Marco Rubio, who wishes he never opened his mouth about offshore drilling, given that his state (Florida) is looking at a smack in the face with a big greasy palm of British Petroleum oil.

Michele Bachmann, who once came up with a theory that was too crazy for Glenn Beck, helpfully reminds us all that the Republicans want to drill here, drill now. Drill everywhere.

I have to raise my hand and admit that my stand against offshore drilling took a brief detour to the dark side when I thought that it was acceptable to trade offshore drilling as a chit to bring in comprehensive energy policy reform. I screwed up and then owned up to being disastrously wrong. Of course, I'm not a politician, so I can do that, own up to my mistakes I mean.

A tip o' the hat to Huffington Post commenter Rich Misty for his links of videos.

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