The foreign press knows the best way to handle a climate change denier — ignore him.

When Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, well-known climate change denier wingnut (totally paid), traveled to Copenhagen to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt about global warming, he found a press corp mostly uninterested in hearing his schtick. His first attempt at getting a press conference together was a near failure with only one reporter showing up.

His aides were eventually able to assemble a few more reporters, but even then he wasn't able to get much traction. One writer from Der Speigel even told the senator "You're ridiculous" after Inhofe stated that global warming was a hoax started in the U.N. and taken up by the "Hollywood elite."

Again, the antics of jokers like Inhofe would be hilarious if we weren't talking about the very survival of our modern society. If we don't turn this giant, fossil-fuel-burning ship of ours around and start building a clean, truly renewable and sustainable future, life for our children and grandchildren is going to be a hell of a lot more challenging, to put it mildly.

I wish more of our mainstream American media had the guts to call out hacks like Inhofe more often.

Via Politico

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German reporter to Sen. Inhofe: 'You're ridiculous'
Climate change denier and Republican senator Jim Inhofe was given a cool reception by the foreign press corp when he hit Copenhagen last week.