Glenn Beck has been losing advertisers in droves since last summer when he called President Obama a racist and said that he had a "deep-seated hatred for white people".

He ran afoul of his few remaining advertisers — companies in the gold business — when he was called out for pitching the benefits of investing in the precious metal on air during his TV and radio shows.

Now he's found a new advertiser: the Survival Seed Bank has picked up ad time during Beck's show to sell a package of 22 different heirloom non-hybrid vegetable seeds that they say is the perfect way to prepare for the coming economic meltdown. The site is full of right-wing chatter and cites noted right-wing propaganda and conspiracy theory machine WorldNetDaily as a source.

I'm not above a little disaster preparation myself — I have a goal to get myself setup with a good apocalypse kit by years end (mostly in case of a Zombie outbreak) and wrote an article about preparing for the total breakdown of society in which I suggest planting a backyard garden —but it seems a little, I don't know, crazy to actually pitch a product as something that's going to get you through the supposed coming Obamapocalypse. Then again, this is Glenn Beck we're talking about. Compared to his chalkboard work, Survival Seed Bank seems downright sane. And I guess it shouldn't really matter what the motivations are behind a new garden — as wrong as I think the purveyors of the Survival Seed Bank are in blaming a coming collapse on our current government, the fact remains that our food distribution system is rather fragile and could be easily disrupted if the bleep hit really hit the fan in a variety of ways.

If you'd like to build your own survival seed bank and aren't keen on supporting a right-winger, you can visit Heirloom Seeds, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Amishland Heirloom Seeds, Seeds of Change or check out the Seed Savers Exchange.

If you're down with Glenn Beck, the tea parties, and the rest of the right-wing brigade and want your own garden, visit Survival Seed Bank.

Via Media Matters

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Glenn Beck advertiser pitching survival gardens
The newest advertiser on the Glenn Beck program is using fear of an economic and societal collapse to sell heirlooms seeds.