All is well in green D.C.

Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., lifted his objection over a vote to confirm Lisa P. Jackson, the former environmental chief of New Jersey, as the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

His spokesman said that Barrasso originally objected to her confirmation because he wanted to know more about how President Obama's environmental czar, Carol Browner, would be involved in setting policy. Brown wasn't subject to vetting or approval by Congress, and Barrasso, whose state is a large producer of coal, wanted to make sure that she will be held accountable by congressional review if she is involved in policy decisions.

He also lifted a hold on the vote to confirm Nancy H. Sutley, Obama's choice to chair the White House Council on Environmental Quality, who was confirmed in a Senate voice vote.

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GOP senator lifts block on Obama's green nominees
Republican Sen. John Barrasso has lifted his block on Obama's green nominees to head the EPA and the White House Council on Environmental Quality.