Annie Leonard, the creator of The Story of Stuff, has a new video out about cap and trade and why she thinks it won't work. Watch this.

David Roberts over at Grist didn't appreciate Leonard's take on cap and trade and pretty effectively answered her four main arguments:

1. Allowance giveaways are bad.

2. Offsets are bad.

3. Carbon markets are bad.

4. Cap-and-trade is a "distraction" from "real solutions."

Here's how he opens his post Annie Leonard misses the mark in her new video, "The Story of Cap & Trade":

The greenosphere is all abuzz about a new video from Annie Leonard, creator of semi-famous anti-consumerism video/book The Story of Stuff. It’s being billed as a definitive debunking of cap-and-trade, but it’s more like a perfect representation of all the confusion and misplaced focus that plagues the green left right now.
Swing over to Grist and read the post in full.

Via Marc Gunther, who is also still a fan of the markets.

UPDATE: Check out Eric De Place's point by point ripping of The Story of Cap & Trade over at WorldChanging.

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Grist goes off on Annie Leonard's Story of Cap & Trade
Grist's David Roberts thinks Annie Leonard doesn't really understand the real Story of Cap & Trade.