All eyes have turned to West Virginia as the Republican candidate for Senate there is on defense.

Democratic governor and U.S. Senate candidate Joe Manchin is calling on Republican John Raese to apologize after reports revealed his campaign requested “hicky” actors to play West Virginians in a recent commercial.

Politico reported the specifics of the casting call, which explained what types of people the pro-Raese advertisement needed. "These characters are from West Virginia so think coal miner/trucker looks," some of the instructions read. The request included the phrase “hicky blue collar,” and in addition to the coal miner phrase, it included fashion suggestions for Dickie type clothing, John Deere hats and blue jeans.

The commercial has been pulled and was meant to portray Manchin as being a “yes man” to President Barack Obama. Despite backfiring and becoming a liability for the Raese campaign, the “yes man” charge is a difficult one to make.

For one thing Manchin is at odds with the administration and has filed suit against the EPA for its policy regarding mining permits. Manchin has even gotten the endorsement of Don Blankenship of Massey Energy, who is frequently vilified by environmentalists. Manchin is also on the record opposing the EPA’s regulation of greenhouse gases, but has been criticized for favoring a national renewable energy standard. So, at most, Manchin is a “maybe” man, but certainly not a “yes” man.

As for that commercial, take a look:

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