The next target for many Republicans seems to be high-speed rail projects in the stimulus package.

Wisconsin Governor-elect Scott Walker is already working to ax a project for his own state. WBAY is reporting that Walker just got a letter back from Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood saying that "$810 million coming to Wisconsin for the new line could not be redirected for use on roads and bridges." Walker is quoted in the story as rejecting the idea of rail transportation altogether. "More than 60 years ago, the federal government had the foresight to recognize that the American people no longer wanted to be limited by fixed-track passenger rail." Some reports say the Obama administration will threaten to take back Wisconsin’s rail stimulus money all together, and if that happens states like Illinois are lining up to get that extra cash.

The Wisconsin situation has ignited discussions about the stimulus project and railways specifically. An infrastructure trade website has already listed several American rail projects as “on the chopping block,” the Wisconsin project is at the top of the list.

High-speed rail on Republicans' chopping block
High-speed rail projects from the Obama stimulus package aren't very popular with one Republican governor-elect, and the industry is taking notice.