Hillary Clinton reached out to millennials at the recent Clinton Global Initiative suggesting that young people are the key to addressing the issue of climate change.

Climate change is certainly a hot topic among the millennial set.  According to a new poll - commissioned by the Clinton Global Initiative - 76 percent of Millennials are focused on environmental issues, while only 24 percent of their parents saw the environment as a primary issue.  The poll also noted that 66 percent of Millennials believe that there is solid scientific evidence that climate change is happening and 75 percent believe that this earth's warming is the direct result of human action.

So Clinton addressed the Millennials in the crowd in the hopes of spurring action on an issue that she noted will be a major issue that many young people today will have to face in the future.  

“This is not just some ancillary issue,” Clinton said. “This will determine in large measure the quality of life in so many places around the world. I’m hoping that there will be this mass movement that demands political change.”

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