I admit that I'm not entirely current on the state of the Irish economy and its relationship to European banks, but I do know that the country has seen better days. In this video from a European Central Bank press-conference, Irish journalist Vincent Browne has some very hard questions for the ECB's Klaus Masuch who does his best to avoid actually answering any of the queries. Browne doesn't let up and keeps at Masuch to either answer the questions or admit that he has no answers. It's a bit of brilliant bulldog journalism that we could stand to see more of in the U.S. media. Politicians and business executives are all too often able to get away with deflecting tough questions by journalists who don't followup to get real answers.


Watch this, it's brilliant.



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How it should be done: Journalist doesn't let up on bureaucrat dodging his questions
Irish Journalist Vincent Browne was wonderfully tenacious while questioning an official from the European Central Bank during a press conference.