You may have heard this already, but there's an election going on tomorrow.

I'm joking of course, because as I'm sure you already know, the political campaigns leading up to this election have gone on for so long that most of us — regardless of party affiliation — feel very much like the "Bronco Bama" girl when the subject of the election rears its head.

The good news is that it will all be over (let's hope) one way or another tomorrow. So don't forget to get out and vote. And don't forget to bring your kids along too, as this is one of those very rare occasions where your kids can see democracy in action.

And you can crank up the civics lesson a notch by giving them some background info before you hit the booth. Kids Voting USA has some good info designed for teachers that can also be used to teach kids at home about how democracy affects their lives. Another good stop on the Web is Teacher Vision where you can find good info on the candidates and the election process, as well as some of the vocabulary and math principles that will be used on election day.

PBS Kids has some good infographics designed to introduce the kids to the candidates and help them understand the voting process. Kids can also cast their own votes at The Democracy Project on the PBS Kids site.

The important thing is that kids understand that we all have the right — and the civic duty — to vote.

How to teach kids about voting
Do you plan to bring your kids with you to the voting booth? Even if you can't, here is some great info to share with them about the election process.