Treehugger's Brian Merchant asks a timely question in the face of some political news coming out of Minnesota: How green is Al Franken?

After a drawn-out, months-long legal battle by Republican Norm Colemen, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled 5-0 that Franken won by 312 votes in that state's U.S. Senate race. His win gives the Democrats a filibuster-proof 60 seats in the Senate and will make it easier for President Obama to push his agenda.

Brian looked at Franken's campaign website and finds it fairly hip to a greener way of getting things done. In particular, Franken is very pro-renewable energy:

Renewable energy is win-win-win-win-win, and we should back it not only with our words, but with our resources. We should also invest in conservation – energy efficiency, light rail and increased CAFE standards are all part of that.

Global warming creationist James Inhofe, the patron saint of wack job climate change skeptics, and ever the gentlemen, called Franken a "clown". I hope that clown gives Inhofe a big huge grin as he casts his 60th vote for the climate change bill.

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Is Al Franken greener?
Minnesota has a new senator in Al Franken. How can we expect his votes to fall when it comes to the environment?