I'm generally not a huge fan of John Kerry, but I LOVE him in this video giving a verbal smackdown during a Senate hearting on climate change — the object of his "affection" is Kenneth Green, a professional doubt monger from the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank dedicated to spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt about things like climate change, politics and economics to further the goals of the Right.

I agree with Brian Merchant over at Treehugger: Mr. Kerry knows his climate science. It's too bad that the best we can hope for is to get a watered-down bill, I'd like to see what Sens. Kerry and Boxer would have put forth if they only had to get 51 votes to pass.

In other green politic news, check out Melissa Hincha-Ownby's post about Al Gore's keynote address from Greenbuild in Phoenix.

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John Kerry knows his climate science
Senator John Kerry makes a good case for a robust, smart, and effective response to the dangers of global warming during a recent Senate hearing.