A Kentucky congressman is pushing the Environmental Protection Agency to ban mountaintop mining.

Capitol New Connection’s Alice Ollstein reports that Kentucky Democrat, Rep. John Yarmuth is openly supporting the EPA in any efforts to ban mountain top mining. Yarmuth’s support came in a letter signed by 50 representatives from 24 different states that thanked the EPA for its recent actions against the coal industry in Appalachia.

Weeks ago, it was West Virginia that sued the EPA for “overstepping its authority,” when it came to regulating coal mine permits in the state. Kentucky took a similar action this week when the commonwealth filed suit over the EPA rulings that claimed several mines were in violation of clean water standards.

Yarmuth’s congressional district includes Louisville and the suburbs outside of it. He is seeking a second term in the House of Representatives and is challenged by Republican Todd Lally. While Yarmuth’s stance on several environmental issues is clearly stated on his website, Lally’s campaign website focuses solely on cap and trade when it comes to the environment. “We do not need to stifle American industry with job-killing regulations at a time when 1 in 10 Americans are out of work and even more are underemployed, says Lally.”

The latest reports out of Kentucky show that Yarmuth enjoys a fundraising lead over Lally, and while initial polls showed their race was in a statistical dead heat, now it appears Yarmuth is pulling away.

Kentucky congressman says no to mountaintop mining
While politicians in Appalachia are taking aim at the EPA, John Yarmuth is patting the agency on the back.