9:40: Obama's swearing in is still a couple of hours away. I'm bouncing between the network stations (basic cable for this cowboy). I'll update today when moved.

I was in DC for Bush's first inauguration. That sucked. This one will be a lot more fun.

9:50: The Obamas just got out of church and is heading to the White House to meet the Bushes.

10:16: I switched over to NBC. I like Brian Williams more than Charlie Gibson.

So it turns out that Michelle Obama gave Laura Bush a journal when they met at the White House after the Obamas church service. I wonder if the paper is recycled. :D

It must be great to be in DC, but I do appreciate the camera coverage my couch offers. Inane pundit prattle aside, it's not bad catching it on the tube.

10:46: Michelle Obama and Laura Bush just walked out of the White House. I saw Ted Kennedy just a bit ago, he looked good- very dapper with a sweet blue scarf.

45 minutes to the big show.

Cheney just rolled out in his wheel chair. His conversion to Bond Villian is almost complete, he's just missing a white long hair cat in his lap.

Bush and Obama will be coming out of the White House soon.

10:56: Here we go, the motorcade is on it's way!!!

It's pretty rad that we have a system that effects such a smooth handover of power from party to party. A lot of the world can't imagine such a scene taking place in their country. It's great to be an American again.

11:10: Brian Williams just misidentified Michelle Obama's brother Craig Robinson as Barack's bodyman Reggie Love. Ouch.

Did you know that Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is watching today from a military base outside the Washington area. If DC was swallowed into the ground we'll be swearing in President Gates.

OMG, it's Al Gore!!!! Breathe Shea... he's just a man. He's JUST A MAN!!!


11:23: All the ex-presidents are coming out. the Clintons got a big cheer. Wow, it's really happening.

The Obama kids look great, what a couple of sharp little ladies.

11:29: OK, I'm heading back to ABC and Charlie Gibson. Brian Williams is not doing well. Any minute now...

11:32: It's 27 degrees in DC, that's entirely comfortable with the right layers.

Michelle Obama is carrying the Lincoln bible that Barack is taking the oath on.

11:36: Did the crowd just boo when George Bush's name was announced? It sure sounded like it. :D

11:40: Holy moly are there are a lot of people on the Mall. Joe Biden just walked out, there's Obama. He looks very Presidential.

11:42: Doh! I missed Brian Williams making a funny- he compared a wheel chair bound Cheney to Dr. Strangelove. Twitter Search ftw.

11:44 Here he is, the President Elect of the United States of America- Barack Obama. Hell. Yeah.

11:48: Here's Rick Warren. Blech.

11:55: Holy hat Aretha! Nice!

11:58: Joe's up. We have a new Vice President.

12:00: We missed the noon deadline demanded by the Constitution for the swearing in, but it's still only 9am in California, so I guess we're ok. (I looked it up, he is President at noon, whether he takes the oath or not).

I wonder if there will be any cannons in this John Williams piece?

12:03 Note to ABC: don't video Obama through the bulletproof glass, it makes his face look funny.

12:05 Barack Obama is our President, oath flubs and all. (it looks like Chief Justice Roberts actually shuffled the order of the oath around, threw Obama for a loop).


12:07: WhiteHouse.gov (if you can get to it) has a new President on it.

12:08: I'm sorry, but I think Obama should be arresting George Bush, not thanking him.

12:10: Nice! He mentioned the problems with how we get our energy (from fossil fuels ripped out of the ground in other countries) early. He's not pussyfooting around- our country has a lot of problems and he's ready to tackle them.

12:15 OMFSM, is it awesome that we have a President who can give a killer speech or what? Bushisms are a thing of the past- here's to coherent speech! Obama sez we're going to put Science back in the game. it's about time.

12:26: Barack Obama is awesome. Just awesome.

Now get to work!

12:31: Beautiful poem by poet Elizabeth Alexander.

12:36: Civil rights legend Revered Joseph Lowery just gave a pretty amazing speech. What a day.

12:40: President Obama is walking out a step ahead of George Bush. He's the President now. The official ceremony is over. I'm going to go volunteer somewhere, anywhere. Must. Serve. Country.

Barack Obama is the President of the United States. I hope if I write that enough it will really sink in. :D


Shea Gunther is a podcaster, writer, and entrepreneur living in Portland, Maine. He hosts the popular podcast "Marijuana Today Daily" and was a founder of Renewable Choice Energy, the country's leading provider of wind credits and Green Options. He plays a lot of ultimate frisbee and loves bad jokes.

Long distance live blogging the inauguration
Earth Matters blogger Shea Gunther live blogs the Obama Inauguration from the comfort of his couch in Maine.