Just a week after releasing his “Dead Aim” commercial, West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin has pulled way ahead in his race to be the next senator from West Virginia.

According to the latest poll from Marshall University, Manchin is leading Republican businessman John Raese by 10 percentage points. This is a big difference from a week ago when it appeared the race was too close to call.

So what has changed? It could have been a number of factors. Both former President Bill Clinton and Fox News commentator and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin have campaigned in the Mountaineer State on behalf of Manchin and Raese respectively. But poll numbers, beyond the straight horse race indicators, show that the “Dead Aim” commercial may have had an impact. Beyond shooting a bullet through a facsimile of the cap-and-trade bill, Manchin’s commercial took aim at the health care overhaul as well the economic recovery. An analysis of the Marshall poll reveals that all of those issues were deciding factors for voters.

Nearly half (47 percent) said they are ‘very much’ worried about the health care bill passed by Congress in the spring, half (51 percent) said they are ‘very much’ worried about the future of the coal industry and nearly half (48 percent) said they are worried ‘very much’ about job security,” read the analysis.

Talk about killing three birds with one stone! Manchin seems to have done just that. Now, it’s John Raese’s move. Get your weapons.

Manchin's assault on the EPA is working
Just a week after the West Virginia Governor shot a bullet through the cap and trade bill he has pulled way ahead in the polls.