Another Wednesday finds me with a browser bursting with an overload of great content. Here are some good stories to help you through this fine hump day.

• Sarah Palin would debate Al Gore on climate change, but only if the venue, format, and moderator were totally on her side. Maybe.

We are in the middle of the Six Extinction and we don't seem to be worried.

Canadian ice fisherman are crazy.

• Bored college students + big snowstorm in Madison, Wisconsin = the Great Snowman Wall of Gilman Street.

Water is the new oil, in some cases, almost literally.

Al Gore speaks in Copenhagen.

• How much energy does the world use?

• President Obama thinks home insulation is sexy.

• Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, is a very confused man and typifies his party's weak grasp on the complexities of global warming nicely.

Polyface Farm is amazing.

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