If coal mining returns to Minnesota, it may be because of divine intervention.

Minnesota State Sen. Mike Beard is sponsoring legislation to end the state’s moratorium on coal-fired power plants. Along the way, Beard has been using the will of God to explain why doing so is the right thing to do. The Minnesota Republican was recently interviewed by the MinnPost’s Don Shelby. Beard explained that his family used to have a farm in Pennsylvania that was mined for coal three times. Over time, the farm was restored to its original condition.

The interview included a few nuggets from Beard about how God wouldn’t let a resource like coal ever run out. But my favorite portion of the interview involved the idea of everything being put back in its rightful place once we do bad things like mine coal or drop nuclear weapons.

“How did Hiroshima and Nagasaki work out?” Beard asked Shelby.

“We destroyed that, but here we are, 60 years later and they are tremendously effective and livable cities. Yes, it was pretty horrible," he said, "But, can we recover? Of course we can."

I am not sure if Beard’s nuclear bomb comparison is going to be the new tag line for future coal mining PR campaigns, but it will certainly generate some headlines. If Beard’s comments get him in trouble in the coming weeks, it's good to know he should make a full political recovery. That’s what God would want, right?

Minnesota representative says God believes in coal mining
Just like dropping nuclear weapons it will all work out in the end, he says.