If you’re passionate about an issue, say anti-bullying, and want to draw the Obama administration’s attention to the issue, then check out a new tool on the White House website. The new section is called We The People, and it allows everyday Americans, you and I, to petition the White House to take action on a specific issue. If a petition receives enough public support, White House staff will review it, send it off to the experts and provide an official response.


Submitting your own petition is quite easy. Simply visit the We The People website, create an account and then submit your petition. The second step is to build support for your petition and gather signatures. Right now, if a petition receives 5,000 signatures within 30 days, White House staff will review it. However, this threshold may change as the petition program evolves.


If you don’t want to start a petition but you’re interested in seeing what others are passionate about, you can view a list of recent petitions. As I was writing this article, I found two petitions that had met the 5,000-signature threshold and several more with more than 1,000 signatures already — and the site just went live this week.


Some of the more popular petitions include:


  • Protect consumers, create jobs and generate revenue by licensing and regulating online poker
  • Formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race — disclosure
  • Allow industrial hemp to be grown in the U.S. once again

If you’re interested in speaking up, watch the embedded video then head on over to the We The People website to get started.


Photo: Caveman Chuck Coker/Flickr

Now you can petition the White House directly
The new We The People section of the White House website allows everyday Americans to petition the Obama administration.