Tina Brown is right — the environment needs Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Brown wrote a piece for the Daily Beast over the weekend, calling for Barack Obama to ask the governor of California to champion his climate change bill through to passage. It's brilliant: Arnold has fairly impressive green credentials, at least for a Republican; nicely blunts Al Gore's liberalism; and was the freakin' "Terminator", for science's sake.

I love Al Gore, but his ongoing divorce and the rumors of an illicit affair render him an impotent spokesperson for the cause, at least for the moment. Gore is also as far from Right as you can get; RINO screamers aside, Schwarzenegger is a Republican governor and would help show that responding to climate change shouldn't be a political issue. We're facing some serious challenges in the coming decades, and if we allow climate change to be something fought over the proverbial political aisle, then we don't stand much of a chance of coming out as winners.

And Brown is right about something else: Arnold is just the kind of large and in-charge pitchman that President Obama needs right now. He knows how to market ideas and he can leverage his star power to get things done.

To imagine what Arnold might sound like at his confirmation hearing, swing over to the Arnold Schwarzenegger Soundboard.

"I hope you leave enough room for my fist because I'm going to ram it into your stomach!"

"Would you like me to repeat my question, governor?"

What do you think?

Read Tina Brown's full article at the Daily Beast.

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Obama's energy plan needs Arnold Schwarzenegger
Could Arnold Schwarzenegger be the answer to President Obama's environmental prayers? Is the Governator be the right guy to sell comprehensive climate change re