Christine O’Donnell is irresistible to a political pundit. But in terms of writing, it’s hard to differentiate yourself from others because it’s just so tempting to write about all the low-hanging fruit that she provides.

My approach is a simple one. I will tell you what I found when I entered random search terms on her website.

Search 1: “energy”

Results: So far there are whopping 13 results to this search.

Summary: Naturally, the first thing that should come up with this search should be FOX commentator, Sean Hannity. It’s good to know that commenter Monica C. feels the same way as she fires the right-wing talker a shout out in search hit number 1: “Let's show the rest of country that Texas stands for conservatism, less govt, less taxes, energy independence, strong national defense, pride in oneself, no bailouts, no nanny states, secure borders. Gosh I sound like Sean Hannity, but that is way I feel,” she says.

Perhaps the highlight of all of the results in this search is a rant entitled, “My Awakening” that is buried in the results lists. A frequent O’Donnell website poster who goes by the name Scott writes the post. While an old post by Scott gives a nice shout out to the Contract with America, this time Scott keeps it real by opening up and telling us to who he is and what he’s all about.

Scott doesn’t like being told what to do. He asks, “Do I really have to buy that stupid looking light bulb that contains a hazardous material and when it breaks in my house has to be treated as if it’s a Superfund site?” Scott continues with an assault on environmentalists and scientists, “I’m fed up with ‘Global Warming’ or now ‘Climate Change’ junk science being used to justify a ‘Cap and Trade’ hidden tax scheme to tax us even more for the energy we use which will kill energy related jobs.” Scott also claims that “Leftist environmental groups” have kept the United States from utilizing coal reserves. Good stuff, Scott.

The fifth result down actually points visitors to the O’Donnell energy policy platform. It’s an entire sentence long! Christine’s energy policy: “Supports a market-based approach to energy solutions that will keep competition high and energy prices low.”

The results also include a long back and forth of posts that follow Charlie D’s posting of a You Tube video about thorium energy.  

Search 2: “environment”

Results: There are 5 results to this search.

Summary: The first result is a rant about former opponent Rep. Mike Castle about cap-and-trade policy. It includes all the greatest hits: Marxism, Leninism, and a few shots a Van Jones. Take a look for yourself. The rest of the hits simply aren’t really on the environmental topic, but do talk about her current opponent creating an unfriendly business “environment” in Delaware.

Searches 3, and 4: “pollution,” and “clean air”

Results: None

Summary: I searched these two terms independently. I did enjoy the first time I read the default result, “We couldn’t find anything that matches “pollution.” Why not search for something else?” It wasn’t as funny when I got the same result for “clean air." 

Search 5: “global warming”

Results: 1

Summary: See Scott’s, “My Awakening.”

Search 6: “climate change”

Results: 2

SummaryBeyond a repeat hit, there was one interesting post about Democrat Chris Coons and his experience in East Africa. The post is interesting, but it has nothing to do with climate change with regards to energy policy; it simply contained the search terms.

From here, search results begin to repeat themselves. For the record, “witch” does gets a decent number of hits.

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