The best part about April Fools day on the internet is when people fall for joke posts and get really upset about it.

This year, my "April Fools Fool" award goes to Propaganda Buster, a vlogger on YouTube who is planted firmly on the Right side of the political rant spectrum. He happened upon a story that my pal Jerry James Stone wrote about a new collaboration between Darryl Hannah, Greenpeace and The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society that would deploy giant marshmallow whale Peeps as whale decoys to thwart Japanese whalers.

This is an article that ended:

The whale Peeps will come in three flavors: pink, yellow and krill.

You have to be pretty rabidly anti-progressive to skim over the liberal dosing (pun intended) of satire strewn throughout the post. Propaganda Buster certainly fits that profile and let rip on a four-minute tirade on the stupidity of the project and liberals in general.

It's an instant classic, check it out.

I love how he ends the video with:

"You just gotta love the stupidity of liberalism. Further proof that liberalism is a mental disorder."

Um... yeah.


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Peep whales draw right-wing rant
An April Fools post about a new project deploying whale-sized marshmallow Peeps as decoys to thwart whalers has riled up one right wing vlogger.