Counting Barack Obama, the last eight presidents have gone on TV and promised to move our country away from being dependent on foreign oil and towards a future of renewable energy.

Jon Stewart put together a really great piece showing how, between Nixon and Obama, every U.S. president has said that our nation would get off foreign oil and onto renewable and domestic energy. Watch it when you have eight minutes to spare.

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Eight presidents, over 35 years, and we're just as hooked on oil and other fossil fuels when Nixon first made his televised promise. Sure, we've made some headway with wind and solar, but for the most part Big Energy has been able to stop any kind of significant progress towards chipping away their business. They take all the profits and push the costs of their screw-ups onto us, the general public.

And just look at how BP's oil leak in the Gulf has gone down — BP, the company responsible for causing the leak in the process, has been left in charge and has bungled and bullied its way around an inadequate, sloppy response. They've cut corners everywhere, hid data, and blocked journalists and outside monitors. Yet U.S. Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen says he still trusts BP CEO Tony Hayward. What world does Allen wake up in every morning? 

I love that Jon Stewart highlighted the fact that the one president out of the eight who did the most for the environment was none other than Dick Nixon. Check out a piece I did a while back called "Six good things Richard Nixon did for the environment".

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Promising renewable energy is an American tradition
Barack Obama joined an elite club made up of his seven Presidential predecessors when he made the promise to get the U.S. off foreign oil and onto renewable ene