A new report published by SolveClimate shows that Republican Marco Rubio may have traded his principles on climate change for a U.S. Senate seat. The report, written by Elizabeth McGowen of SolveClimate, quotes Florida energy consultant Jerry Karnas as saying, “Now, Rubio has done a 180-degree turn … he doesn’t talk about solar [or] cellulosic ethanol, and he’s denying the science of climate change. And he’s open to drilling. As speaker, he never would have gone along with offshore drilling.”

While Democratic candidate and U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek benefited from a campaign stop by former President Bill Clinton, it seems likely that he will end up a distant third behind Gov. Charlie Crist and frontrunner Rubio. Polls showed a wide gap between Crist and Rubio just hours before the polls opened in Florida.

Until recently, the Crist-Rubio options were a no-lose situation for environmentalists. Crist has been outspoken in the fight against climate change. As speaker of the House, Rubio was known for championing a climate bill similar to the current renewable standards in place in California.

But what a difference an election year can make. Crist and Meek have stuck by their principles when it comes to climate change and are doing badly; meanwhile Rubio appears to be flip-flopping his way to an easy victory. This shows that Florida voters either don’t care about climate change or they don’t care if a candidate flip-flops on an issue. Either way, it's bad news for environmentalists, not to mention Meek and Crist.

Report: Denying climate change is key to Rubio victory
Once an advocate for taking on man-made climate change, Marco Rubio has flip-flopped on the issue and it looks like it worked.