It was hard to not be amused last night by Rachael Maddow’s take on Republicans using the unrest in Egypt to justify more oil drilling within the United States.


After covering the constantly changing developments in Egypt for much of the show, Maddow pivoted to a lighter and more snarky tone. The MSNBC anchor highlighted a fun little discovery by the folks over at who pointed out that several Republicans are trying to exploit the Egyptian unrest as a means to justify drilling for more oil in America.


Both Maddow and the left-leaning did a great job pointing out that Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) and Reps. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) and Jeff Landry (R-La.) had all been quoted in the last few days saying it’s time to drill, baby, drill. Landry recently said, “Allowing production to occur in the Gulf … will help alleviate the economic crisis of a Suez Canal shutdown and prevent Americans from pay[ing] five dollars a gallon for gas.” Upton, who now chairs the House Energy and Commerce Committee told Politico over the weekend that, “The tenuous situation in Egypt underscores our vulnerabilities and the need for American-made energy.”

Now all of this is interesting food for thought that would be much easier to take at face value if Republican’s didn’t shout “drill, baby, drill” at every possible chance. Maddow used her pulpit to explain that the “drill, baby, drill” crowd has become like the boy who cried wolf: It’s hard to believe them considering their history.

“Other news events that have resulted in similar calls to drill, baby, drill include the sluggish economy in 2008 that was a reason to drill,” said Maddow. She continued with several more examples, “There was a landslide victory by Republicans in the 2004 elections … there was a thoroughly debunked claim that China was drilling for oil off of the coast of China, the Packers are in the Super Bowl, drill, baby, drill.

This whole situation got a chuckle out of me, and whether you like what Maddow said or not, it was a good digression from the serious situation that continues to develop over in the Middle East.


Republicans say Egyptian unrest is reason to drill, baby, drill
Republican response to the serious situation in the Middle East — like many other issues — sounds remarkably familiar.