PBS is public enemy #1. At least according to Mitt Romney. The GOP presidential candidate announced plans today to put PBS funding, and certain programming, on the chopping block if he is elected president next fall.



"We're not going to kill Big Bird," Romney told supporters in Iowa while gearing up for Tuesday's big caucus vote. But he did add that he would cut other programming as well as public funding for the network. To balance the budget, Romney aims to cut funding for public broadcasting and force the station to pick up advertisers instead of relying on federal funds.


Romney told supporters that "it's immoral for us to keep spending money we don't have and passing on to our kids our obligations."  While we may agree on that point, I'm sure we disagree on the types of projects that Romney deems worthy of funding.


A CNN/Time/ORC poll released today showed that among among likely Republican voters, Romney is the leading choice to win the Iowa caucus on Tuesday.  


Big Bird, beware.


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Romney announces plans to cut PBS funding
GOP candidate Mitt Romney wants to cut programming and change the advertising model for the Public Broadcasting Service.