Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger could have ridden out his last few months as California’s chief executive quietly, but instead he's working to terminate Proposition 23.

Proposition 23 is a ballot initiative that would suspend the state’s landmark mandate that requires California to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. Politico is reporting that Schwarzenegger is putting on a full-court press to defeat the effort.

“The governor has been a one-man marketing machine, fundraising with 200 investment bankers on Wall Street and about 60 Hollywood types earlier this month at his Los Angeles-area home,” writes Darren Samuelsohn. The article also says that Schwarzenegger was fundraising this week in Sacramento with David Arquette, who produced a new video aimed at defeating the ballot initiative. Following the Sacramento visit, Schwarzenegger is also reported to have met with movie tycoon James Cameron, who threw $1 million dollars behind the effort to defeat Proposition 23.

While Schwarzenegger is throwing his political might behind defeating Proposition 23, he has several formidable opponents with deep pockets. Many of these foes come in the form of out-of-state industry interests. But Schwarzenegger is a bit of a double-barreled weapon in the fight. Not only is he a politician with gigantic name recognition, he is connected to many in-state interests with deep pockets.

The battle is here, and both sides are armed with the most powerful political weapons: cash and name recognition.

Schwarzenegger's last stand: Prop 23
As the sun sets on his time as governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger is putting all his might behind blocking Proposition 23.