Kathey Kaye Rider of Asheville, N.C., was sentenced to 20 years in prison for selling some of her prescription painkillers to undercover police officers.

Charles Diez, also of Asheville, will spend four months behind bars for shooting a cyclist in the head.

There's justice for you.

Diez, who worked as a firefighter, was upset when he saw Alan Simons riding on his bicycle with his 4-year-old son buckled into a seat mounted on the back. Simon's wife was also riding along on her own bike. Diez pulled his truck over and confronted the family, arguing that it was unsafe to travel on such a busy road with so young a child.

Logically, Diez then took his gun out of his truck and shot Mr. Simons in the head.

You know, to teach him to be safer.

Luckily, the bullet only grazed Simon's head and became lodged in his helmet.

Diez was initially charged with first-degree murder, but a grand jury refused to press those charges, reducing it to a felony assault charge.

Superior Court Judge James Downs sentenced Diez to 15-27 months and suspended all but 120 days, citing his military record, positive employment history and good character as mitigating factors. Sentencing guidelines for his crime could have allowed for a sentence of up to 20-39 months. Diez is also required to pay $1,200 to cover the costs of Simons' medical bills and attend anger-management training.

I know the world isn't a fair place, but this is just galling. Some hotheaded jerk shoots a guy in the freaking head and he won't spend more than a turn of a season behind bars.

Green Hulk mad. Green Hulk smash.

h/t to Treehugger for this one.

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Shoot a cyclist, get 4 months in jail
A North Carolina firefighter will spend 120 days in jail for shooting a cyclist in the head during a side of the road argument over, get this, safe biking habit