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Watch "Stop Global Warming"

I found a pretty amazing video asking the world to stop global warming

ACES bill: Climate victory or...

Karl Burkart reports that some environmental groups aren't happy with the final draft of the American Clean Energy and Security Act.

$150 billion = 1.7 million green jobs

Melissa Hincha-Ownby writes about a report by Green for All that predicts the creation of 1.7 million jobs from a $150 billion investment.

NJ governor makes local foods a priority

Robin Shreeves reports about New Jersey Governor's efforts to increase locally grown produce for food banks.

Shooting off sparks: Tesla's Elon Musk responds to co-founder's lawsuit

Jim Motavalli covers the legal fireworks between Tesla and one of it's co-founders Elon Musk.

The perfect fit

Matt Hickman shares a way to rehab that old couch sitting in your garage- just add a 100% organic slipcover.

Venice's solar-powered festival

Siel Ju blogs about the solar powered Venice Eco-Fest, an environmental festival that will pull in 20,000 people on June 27th.

Building the perfect sand castle

Jenn Savedge has some timely advice for carving a great sand castle at the beach this summer.

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