Ted Turner is known for speaking his mind, and he didn’t disappoint this week.

Speaking at the American Wind Energy Association’s WindPower 2011 conference in Anaheim, Calif., Turner said the United States would have been better served if President Barack Obama had spent his political capital on passing encompassing energy legislation instead of a massive healthcare overhaul. “We would have had a policy if President Obama — who I like very much — had just brought the energy program up first before healthcare,” Turner said before being interrupted by applause.

When the applause quieted down, the former media mogul pounded his fist and said, “We gotta go back and do it again. That’s why we need to spend money on the media, but we need to spend it lobbying. And when you call me, I will come to Washington and I will lobby for you and I won’t charge you a nickel, because I think it is the right thing to do. And let’s go out there and let’s win this time.”

Turner was taking part in the opening session of the WindPower 2011 conference and was being interviewed by the wind energy association CEO Denise Bode, who was smiling ear to ear as Turner spoke. Later at the event, Turner expressed frustration when he described the lackluster U.S. pace for encouraging clean energy sources. “Why we haven’t done it just makes me mad because I want to live to see the country powered by wind and solar.”

Ted Turner says Obama should have put energy first
Media mogul offers to lobby at no charge in support of wind power.