Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma hates turtles.

Coburn recently took exception with a cherry-picked list of 100 projects funded by President Obama's economic stimulus bill, one of which is an "eco passage" that allows turtles and other wildlife a safe path across Florida's busy U.S. 27.

Why does Coburn hate turtles so much? Turtles were scuffling around that patch o' flat Florida ground for a long time before we came along and plonked a highway down. Spending a few million and putting some guys to work building the turtles an underpass doesn't seem that far out of bounds with the country I want to live in. I have a bigger problem when we spend $3M on fighting the war in Iraq every 15 minutes. To be fair to Coburn, he did vote against the war in Iraq on the grounds it would cost too much. At least the guy is consistent.

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Turtles to Sen. Coburn: Get bent
GOP Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma thinks it's a waste of money to build an eco-passage for turtles and other animals in Florida.