With all the talk surrounding the Tea Party victories in Delaware and New York, news about actual governing almost fell through the cracks — but not quite.

The update on a possible amendment to hamstring the EPA’s ability to regulate carbon pollution is simply that the vote has been postponed.

There has been much speculation that a senator on the Senate Appropriations Committee would offer an amendment during a planned markup session that would cut the funding for climate change programs.

But, Politico reports that a White House addition to budgets for the Interior Department and the EPA is cause for the delay of the vote. Of course, there is all sorts of speculation about the delay — is it a tactic by the White House to take pressure off the EPA or is there a legitimate reason for the postponement?

As for that White House addition, it is said to include new language regarding the reorganization of offshore drilling legislation.

Update: No challenge to EPA's global warming powers -- yet
White House addition to budget delays a vote to cut off the agency's ability to regulate carbon pollution.