MNN's own Karl Burkart is breaking the news over at Green Dig that Van Jones has been tapped as President Obama's Green Jobs Czar.

Here's Karl:

I just received texts from two people close to Van Jones and the word is in…he was just confirmed yesterday as the “Green Czar” overseeing the allocation of green jobs money in the stimulus bill, with a likely focus on energy retrofits.

Van Jones is an awesome pick for this. I've been watching him for the last couple of years and we covered him in my Who's Who in Green series at my last writing job. No one knows green jobs better than Mr. Jones and I'm looking forward to watching him take the reins of getting our economy back on a green track.

Read MNN's in-depth profile of Van Jones.

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Van Jones tapped as Green Czar
Van Jones is president obama's pick for green czar, the person appointed in charge of environmental issues in relation to jobs, especially the allocation of gre