I first started playing ultimate frisbee with my uncles when I was in elementary school and have continued to play through high school and college and into being "grown up". There are great communities of people playing ultimate frisbee all over the U.S., Australia, and in many other countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

But there's one country that Ultimate has had a hard time penetrating— North Korea. There is no known organized ultimate frisbee in North Korea and little opportunity for the sport to gain a foothold in the notoriously isolated nation.

So I was pretty excited to see this video showing a hat tournament (everyone puts their name in a hat and teams are drawn for the tournament) played and organized by some American tourists in North Korea that included a few native first-time players.

Congrats to Kim Guk Chol for both being the first North Korean to score a point in ultimate!

Via Reddit.com/r/Ultimate

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