Representative Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) wants House Republicans to take it a bit slower when it comes to blocking the Environmental Agency’s climate regulations. The Illinois Democrat said last week that, “I just think we should be more deliberative.”

Shockingly, that deliberative approach is not shared by Representative Rush’s Republican counterparts on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Word from The Hill is that Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-Ken.) will move forward with plans to hold a subcommittee vote as early as this Thursday.

As for the chances of success of this bill, that all comes down to one’s definition of success. Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) has hinted that the bill will pass the Energy and Commerce Committee as well as the House of Representatives with three votes from Democrats. In the Senate, the bill is likely to pick up the support of a few Democrats, but it simply won’t pass there, let alone get the signature of President Obama. So while the bill won’t succeed in becoming law, and it certainly won’t slow down as Rep. Rush hopes, its real threat to the EPA appears to be quite low.

What's the rush for attacking the EPA?
Republicans are getting ready to make their big move to hamstring the EPA, but it won't get too far.